GISC 2011 - Geographic Information Science

1   Lectures

2   Past materials

3   Past projects

3.1   Spring 2020

  • A spatial analysis of snare placement and patrol efforts in Kable National Park by Gabriel Scroggs, Spring 2020
  • Breakdown and comparison of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections for the state of Georgia by Natalie Copeland, Spring 2020
  • Conveying traffic accident risk through Esri’s ArcGIS software and other applications by Brock Davis, Spring 2020
  • Reintroduction of wolves and the effect on forest growth in Yellowstone National Park by Madison Deese, Spring 2020
  • Southern pine beetles effect on Georgia forest in Georgia 2016 by Preston Chandler, Spring 2020

3.2   Spring 2019

  • Determining danger placed upon watersheds by non-point source pollution by Katherine Perry, Spring 2019
  • Investigating environmental injustice in Georgia by Katelynn Comer, Spring 2019
  • Mississippi delta term project - Poverty, median household income, graduation rates, and geographic dynamics by Jackson Birt, Spring 2019
  • Non-native kudzu on the wild and scenic Chattooga River by Molly Dougherty, Spring 2019
  • Population and land usage by Patience Jones, Spring 2019
  • Poverty and crime in Georgia by Jakob Bullwinkle, Spring 2019
  • The future sound impact to local communities by SpaceX’s proposed Boca Chica launch facility by Stephen South, Spring 2019
  • Weather and tourism by Samuel Dilidili, Spring 2019

3.3   Fall 2018

  • Drought impact on Georgia‚Äôs economy and agriculture by Josh Henley, Fall 2018
  • Population growth and carbon emissions in Georgia by Jennifer McCollum, Fall 2018
  • Suitability of transportation expansions pertaining to residents of the city of Atlanta & metro Atlanta by Tyler Henderson, Fall 2018
  • Using unmanned UAV multispectral image analysis for tree by Parker Goins, Fall 2018

4   Data

5   Global positioning system

6   Hydrology toolbox for ArcGIS Pro

8   References


8.2   ArcPy

8.3   Spatial references