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Hydrologic cycle and development

Dr. Huidae Cho
Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis...University of North Georgia

1   Watershed


2   Development vs. water cycle


3   Low impact development (LID)

Green roof

Pervious parking lot

Treatment at the end of each stormwater pipe

3.1   Effects of low impact development

Improved water quality: LID reduces stormwater pollution and improved water quality increases property values and lowers clean-up costs.

Less costly floods: LID reduces the volume and speed of stormwater runoff and lessens the severity of flood events.

Restored aquatic habitat: LID reduces the amount of stormwater reaching natural streams.

Improved groundwater recharge: LID helps retain more rainfall on-site.

Enhanced neighborhood beauty: LID makes communities more beautiful, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly.

4   The rational method

See the rational method.